Food processing washing. Food processing washing equipment.
Food processing washing. Food processing washing and washing equipment.

Feltracon food processing washing equipment. Aiming to provide solutions for specific lifestyle needs, ConAgra recently announced the national launch of Life Choice, food processing washing equipment a new 14-SKU line of frozen meals created specifically for carb-conscious consumers. Feltracon food processing washing equipment. food processing washing equipment. Most intriguing is the February launch of Golden Cuisine -- the first line of affordable and nutritious meals for seniors anywhere and delivered to their homes. Feltracon food processing washing equipment. Partnering with the Meals On Wheels Association of America, the meals are formulated with the unique nutritional, food processing

Feltracon food processing washing equipment. Feltracon is a high-tech company involved in the development and production of “Felcon” machines for the food-processing washing industry. food processing washing equipment.
With a team of highly qualified, expert staff, Feltracon supplies a wide range of custom-built machines. The customer’s “Problem” presents our team with a creative challenge………inventing and implementing an innovative and effective solution for that specific situation is our special skill. food processing washing equipment.
It’s not just the correct staff, but the appropriate materials and working environment that are also of great importance. Feltracon has a design and engineering team equipped with the latest design systems. food processing washing equipment.
Our product range consists of free-standing or in-line cutting and polishing tables, washing machines, batch and continuous centrifuges, blanchers, coolers, mixing and sorting drums, screw and belt conveyors. food processing washing equipment.
Our machines and installations are widely used in the food-processing washing industry both at home and abroad.
A testament to the innovative character of our products is also apparent from the subsidies that Feltracon regularly receives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. food processing washing equipment.These are based on the significant improvements in energy consumption and working conditions that can be achieved by using machines Feltracon has developed. food processing washing equipment.
Feltracon specializes in vegetable, fruit and herb centrifuges. The company has developed a complete line for washing all types of (leaf) vegetables, fruit, herbs and potato products. Every one of our centrifuges represents the technical know-how of Feltracon: from the hand-batch type (FE-200 Orbiter) to the highest standard in continuous washing technology, the FE-3000 Centinel Centrifugal Drier. food processing washing equipment. Effective custom-built solutions, which, without doubt, deserve the title “high-tech”. With its inherent innovation skills, Feltracon creates custom-built solutions for technical problems, taking into account the specific wishes of the customer and the industrial requirements. Here lies the greatest challenge. Feltracon develops and produces complete production and processing washing lines for various sectors in the food-processing washing industry. Vegetables, fruit, meat or bakery products…? Feltracon develops, produces and supplies the complete processing washing line. food processing washing equipment.

food processing washing equipment. When Swanson introduced the first frozen TV dinner in 1955, few could have anticipated frozen dinners would become a staple in almost every American home. Much has changed since we begged our moms for that incredible treat, food processing washing equipment. Schewing the dinner she spent the entire day preparing. food processing washing equipment.
"When it comes to getting dinner on the table in a hurry, our options have come a long way from frozen dinners of yore,
" says Don Montuori, acquisitions editor for Packaged Facts. "The food industry has been highly creative in packaging appetizing and time-saving foods that are quickly approaching cooked-from-scratch quality." food processing washing equipment.
Aside from the fact that frozen foods taste as good or better than many of today's homemade meals, the variety of
options for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks is incredible. One can choose homestyle, posh, ethnic, indulgent,
low-calorie and/or low-carb, just to name a few. And they are available in sizes for everyone. food processing washing equipment.
food processing washing equipment. Convenience is the primary reason frozen foods hold so much appeal for busy consumers.
Almost half (44 percent) spend 30 minutes or less preparing meals, and most would like to cut that time even further,
according to a recent report by Packaged Facts. food processing washing equipment. In fact, the market for ready meals and side dishes grew 39 percent
from 1999 to 2003, with increased sales of $19.6 billion in 2003, a 7.4 percent increase over the year before. food processing washing equipment.
a 23 percent increase over a over a decade ago, according to NPD. food processing washing equipment.
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